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Why Should Modern Companies Focus On Data Engineering?


Data has become the most precious asset in today’s world. Thanks to the rapidly multiplying digitalization. Companies are intentionally shifting towards insight-driven models, in which business decisions, process improvements, and technological investments are handled with the knowledge obtained from data. To make use of the wealth of data accessible, large budgets are anticipated, and this spending will only rise with time.

Statistics from the IDC report reveal that Global Datasphere will soar upto 175 trillion gigabytes by 2025. This call for the need for data engineers to handle this massive amount of data. No wonder data engineering training, Bhubaneswar  is currently in demand. Let’s discuss in detail why modern companies focus so much on data engineers. 

How Data Engineering Contributes To Business? 

Organizations often overlook the significance of data engineering over data science. They perceive data science as the single strategy available to obtain valuable insight for driving business goals. However, the reality is far-fetched from this. When the real potential of Data Engineering is unlocked, it enables modern companies to create large data reservoirs that are well-maintained. These scalable data design techniques guarantee that the necessary data is available for Data Science and Data Analytics to process sophisticated statistical programs and algorithms and produce valuable results. Data analytics cannot fully realize the potential of data unless they are able to produce trustworthy and accurate insights from a variety of sources.

ML and AI have tried their best to replace humans in providing accurate data insight for tapping new opportunities in the market and assisting in overall business development. However, around 48% of companies believe that it’s something that AI cannot accurately provide today. So, companies should encourage their employees to enroll in data analytics courses in Bhubaneswar. Only data engineers and data analytics experts are the key. 

How’s Data Engineering Applied Across Industries? 

Data Engineering has changed the game significantly in most, if not all, modern industries over the past few years, according to influential members of the industry and other notable stakeholders. There has been a noticeable movement from the hype around data engineering toward realizing its true worth in our daily lives.

  1. Manufacturing 

4.0 is here, and industries must be equipped with digital innovations to survive in the rapidly evolving market circumstances. Industry 4.0 has turned the manufacturing business upside down. It has transferred the manufacturing process from being process-driven to data-driven. Either the companies are adding new layers of digital components or updating the existing ones with the latest features. 

An effective data engineer with a background in data engineer training, Bhubaneswar  can retrieve & communicate data from multiple systems, identify and sort out sensitive data, and process them for further analysis. 

  • Entertainment 

Nobody knows the power of data to make or break a business better than Netflix. The very successful data-driven organization decides what new content to invest in and release, improves operational effectiveness, and—most importantly—provides predictive suggestions for its worldwide audience using insights from all its business operations.

One of the main reasons Netflix is still the market leader is that it has utilized its powerful Data Engineering system to turn over 700 billion raw events into business insights.

  • Healthcare 

Major healthcare behemoths are progressively making investments to incorporate ML into their essential operations. But, they are concentrating on developing Data Engineering tools to set up their data architecture. The healthcare sector is attempting to extract value from data in order to learn more about patients, healthcare providers, and the healthcare system as a whole.

Data engineering combines information from electronic medical records, hospital data, and new, cutting-edge data sources like wearables, sensors, and gene sequencing. It provides them with access to data analytics to deliver better medical care. Do you want to explore this profession? If so, enrolling in data analytics courses in Bhubaneswar is the first thing you should do. 

  • Retail 

The retail sector is constantly looking for new business prospects and using data from both physical and virtual ecosystems to acquire insights. Data from a wide network must be acquired in order to obtain these business insights.

Massive quantities of structured and unstructured data from across the whole value chain can be combined with an efficient data engineering solution to deliver trends, patterns, customer insights, and more. With the help of data engineering, a retailer with locations worldwide and an omnichannel presence may harness data sources in novel ways to better understand the market, the competitors, and every stage of the customer journey.


Every firm has data-related challenges that need a certain level of ingenuity and technological competence. Through their grasp of data pipelines, data engineers may assist organizations in resolving challenges. In the age of digital experience engineering, big data engineers play an important role in developing a company’s data science projects. So, rest assured, knowing that your  data engineering training, Bhubaneswar, will surely pay off as the opportunities are massive. 

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