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5 AWS Project Ideas For Beginners To Try


As the most popular cloud service provider, AWS (Amazon Web Services) boasts many fully featured services from data centers worldwide. With its increasing importance comes a higher demand for skilled AWS programmers who can design fresh applications. While there are many places to learn it, including AWS classes in Pune, is it enough to master it theoretically? No matter what field, a practical approach is important to be useful in the real world, as you need to know more than just the theory.

Working on an AWS project is a terrific way to put what you’ve learned in the classroom into practice. Skilled AWS Developers who can create new and exciting AWS projects are always in high demand. Let’s look at some of the most interesting and useful projects you can do with Amazon Web Services. They are a great resource for learning about AWS and its features.

AWS: What Is It?

Let’s start by understanding what exactly AWS is. Amazon Web Services, or AWS for short, is one of the most well-known cloud services platforms. It’s a reliable system that can host your data, apps, and websites in the cloud. Million-dollar startups and government bodies use AWS for their services. Attending AWS training in Pune is a great first step toward a career in cloud computing.

What Makes Working On AWS Projects Worthwhile?

Technologies related to cloud computing are now being integrated into all aspects of today’s businesses. AWS projects can help students gain experience in cloud computing and other cutting-edge areas like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, etc.

Beginner AWS projects are a great way for users to test new features. They can learn or improve their web design, hosting, programming, and deployment skills. Working on these project ideas can also help expand the data management and handling understanding.

AWS Projects To Try

You can put what you learn in your AWS course in Pune to good use by working on one of the projects on this list. They provide the foundational experience necessary to start a rewarding professional career.

  1. AWS Lambda For Mass Emailing

This project aims to mass-email a company’s current and prospective clientele. AWS Lambda can be integrated with other email or SMS providers to create a low-priced mass-mailing solution. A Lambda function updates the database when an AWS S3 event has been prompted by uploading a CSV file. Once everything is set up, you can immediately send bulk emails to the specified addresses. MoonMail, built on AWS Lambda, is the most well-known example of a service that simultaneously sends large emails.

2. Build Your Site Using Amazon Web Services

Building a website is a great hands-on AWS project for students. In terms of complexity, this is one of the simplest AWS project ideas here. You just have to build your website on the cloud. For this task, you can use Amazon Lightsail to reduce difficulty. It is recommended since Amazon Lightsail comes pre-configured with compatibility for various popular content management systems (CMSs), such as Joomla and WordPress.

3. Set Up A Windows-Based Virtual Machine

Deploying a Windows virtual machine is a great first step for students working on hands-on AWS projects. To put it simply, virtual machines are simulations of real computers. They function separately from other virtual computers, sharing the same network as their self-contained ecosystems. If you’re starting with Amazon Web Services by joining AWS classes in Pune, this is one of the best open-source projects you can work on. Knowledge about virtual machines (VMs) is a crucial ability that will help your development as a skilled engineer.

Amazon Lightsail makes setting up a Windows virtual machine in the AWS cloud simple. The software’s user interface is intuitive, and working with it on this project will provide valuable experience. After establishing the VM, you can use Lightsail to connect with an RDP client.

4. Person Identification Through Amazon Rekognition

Using Amazon Rekognition, you will explore computer vision, ML, and AI while working on this project. However, keep in mind that learning the fundamentals of computer vision and the associated algorithms is necessary before beginning the project. You must make a face recognition model to find particular people in a picture or photo. Training face recognition takes time and energy, but AWS Lambda streamlines the process.

Use Amazon Rekognition’s facial detection services to complete this project. Using deep learning, it streamlines processes by automatically collecting metadata from photos and videos and identifying people, places, and things in them. Train your model to recognize a famous person to advance this project. Once you’ve given it enough time to train and data to feed on, you can assess its effectiveness.

5. Make A Text-To-Speech Service

Many sites and programs make use of text-to-speech capabilities. The development of a text-to-speech converter is the primary goal of this project. If you need to turn text into speech, AWS Lambda and Amazon Polly are your best options. The combination of the two is useful for creating practical voice synthesizer software. Amazon Polly uses cutting-edge deep learning algorithms to do precise translations, while AWS Lambda allows for a faster reaction time— both crucial for real-time programs.

Final Thoughts

The best way to win over an interview is to prove that you can do the work. Taking AWS classes in Pune is a good first step, as it can teach you all the necessary knowledge and abilities. You can break into the industry once you have the skillsets and a portfolio of successful projects. You can set yourself apart from others and increase your chances of landing your ideal job with these projects.

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