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How Can Data Analytics Certification Enhance Your Career Prospects?


Are you curious about the reasons behind learning data analytics? Well, here’s why it’s worth your while. Also check the data analyst course in pune.

Having a certification in data analytics significantly enhances your chances of securing highly sought-after positions in the industry. In fact, according to a study conducted by Microsoft, 91% of hiring managers acknowledged the pivotal role that certification plays in the candidate selection process.

Earning a respected certification from data analytics course in pune is no small feat, but it opens up a world of lucrative opportunities for those who hold it. With the accreditation prominently displayed on your resume, you will stand out among other applicants, giving employers a compelling reason to invest in you.

Why Choose A Data Analytics Career?

  • Booming field with exponential data growth.
  • High demand for data analysts.
  • Lucrative salaries ($70,000+ for junior positions).
  • Opportunity for decision-making contribution.
  • Potential for managerial roles.
  • Flexibility to travel, work remotely, and relocate internationally.
  • Job security due to data reliance.

Once you possess a professional certification in data analytics, many job titles become accessible to you. Some of these sought-after roles include:

#1 Data Analyst:

Data analysts are essential for extracting insights that shape business decisions. They are involved in daily operations, conducting ad hoc analyses to meet diverse needs. Their work involves deep data exploration, pattern discovery, and delivering meaningful interpretations for informed decision-making. As a data analyst, you’ll play a vital role in driving the organization’s success. Join data analyst course in Pune to kick-start your career.

#2 Business Intelligence Analyst:

BI analysts play a critical role in understanding market and business trends by analyzing data to view the company’s position comprehensively. While data analysts focus on algorithms and uncover insights from data, the primary distinction lies in that BI analysts approach data analysis from a business perspective. They evaluate data and assess requirements within the context of the organization’s overall system, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making.

#3 Data Visualiser:

The role of a data visualizer involves creating weekly dashboards to present sales, orders, user flow, and behavior to the management team.

#4 Data and Analytics Manager:

A data and analytics manager leads a team, directing the data science team and ensuring appropriate priorities are set. They possess strong technical skills in various technologies and excel in leadership and social skills. Experts at data analyst course in pune can better guide on this.

Top Reasons To Get Certified

With a data analytics certificate, a data analyst can advance to positions such as Business Analyst, Operations Manager, or Senior Business Analyst. Further promotions may lead to roles like Sr. Operations Manager, Lead Business Analyst, or Analytics Manager.

In the following chart, you can see other career paths that can be pursued once you get into data analytics course in Pune.

data analyst course in pune

Let’s now come to the top reasons!

  • Wide Range of Opportunities:

Data analytics is used in a wide array of industries. E-commerce, banking, healthcare, entertainment and retail are few of them. With a data analytics certification, one can go after jobs such as solution architect, data scientist, project manager, business intelligence specialist and much more.

The skills you acquire at data analyst course in pune are transferable across industries and countries, offering flexibility in your career.

  • Costs Less Than College Degree

Compared to college degrees or learning on the job, obtaining a data analytics certification requires less investment in terms of time and money. Traditional degrees often involve extensive general academic coursework, while certificates provide practical training tailored to the industry.

Learning on the job can be unstructured and time-consuming, with potential career setbacks due to avoidable mistakes. A well curated course can equip you with the necessary skills to excel as a data analyst.

  • No Prerequisites, Focused Skill Development:

Unlike traditional education, becoming a certified data analyst does not require specific college degrees or diplomas. However, strong analytical, numeracy, technical, computer, attention to detail, and business skills are essential for success in this field.

These skills can be developed through data analytics course in pune, providing practical training aligned with industry requirements.

  • Demonstrates Passion and Self-Motivation:

A certification showcases your commitment to your career and indicates high passion and self-motivation. Employers value candidates who are dedicated to their professional growth. A recognized data analytics certification demonstrates your seriousness and drive in the field.

Online certification programs, like the Data Analytics Certification Course offered by AVD Group provide hands-on experience with real projects, further enhancing your credentials.

  • Enhances Credibility:

Certification validates your skills and knowledge, making you a credible candidate in the eyes of employers. Organizations seeking data analysts often prefer candidates with professional training from accredited institutes. Earning a professional certification in data analytics signifies a commitment to high educational standards, boosting your credibility as a qualified professional.

  • Potential Salary Increase:

While various factors influence career choices, salary is an important consideration. The field of data analytics offers lucrative salaries exceeding the national average. Data analysts earn an average national salary of $58,522, with higher salaries as professionals gain experience.

Advanced positions like data scientists can command an average annual salary of $139,840. These salary ranges are often attainable without a college degree, highlighting the exceptional earning potential of certified data analytics professionals.

  • Stay Updated with Industry Trends:

A data analytics certification guarantees that you are up to speed on industry developments. Continuously extending your knowledge base is critical. But as a working professional, obtaining information from many sources can be challenging.

Enrolling in a certification program provides a structured learning experience that keeps you informed about industry advancements. This knowledge makes you a valuable asset to your current and future employers.

The Bottom Line

Learning solely on the job offers limited exposure to the vast field of data analytics, focusing primarily on your industry and specific tools your company uses. However, a certification course, such as the one offered by AVD Group, goes beyond industry-specific knowledge.

Data analyst course in Pune includes hands-on projects, assignments, and interaction with experts and peers across various industries. This comprehensive approach broadens your understanding of different fields within data analytics, ensuring you have practical knowledge applicable across diverse domains.

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